AFM Taxation Committee

Key responsibilities of the AFM Taxation Committee

  • To keep abreast of relevant taxation issues and monitor developments;
  • To analyse the effect of changes and proposed changes in relevant taxation issue from the perspective of Financial Mutual companies;
  • To alert, advise and promulgate relevant taxation information;
  • To lobby on taxation issues, in particular holding regular meetings with HMRC;
  • To deliver an annual training event;
  • To consider any other taxation related matter which the Committee believes it appropriate to consider or on request of the Board.

Current members

  • Elaine Fairless, Compass Friendly Society (Chair)
  • Stuart Bell, Metropolitan Police
  • Graham Wilson, LV=
  • Mike Smith, Equitable Life
  • Elizabeth Armstrong, Royal London
  • Kay Wilkinson, Paycare
  • Alistair Nichol, EY
  • Dan Gallon, KPMG
  • Jon Garrett, Deloitte
  • Philip Lewis
  • Philip Govan
  • Nigel Silby
  • Martin Shaw, AFM

The AFM Tax Training Day 2016 was held on 14 June at the offices of Deloitte.  Slides from the event are available to download:

Morning slides Afternoon slides
  • Change in Tax Environment, Alistair Nichol
  • Corporation Tax, David Burke
  • Solvency II, Jon Garrett
  • Indirect Taxes, Ric Louden/ Neil Smith 
  • Savings Landscape, Nigel Barker and John Midlane 
  • AFM Update, Martin Shaw      
  • Developments in Policyholder Tax and Annuities, Vince Flanagan 
  • Operational Taxes – Common Reporting Standards, Ken Chan and Mike Smith 
  • Operational Taxes – RTI, Mike Lavan and Mike Smith
  • Employment Tax, Steve Wade      
  • Industry Engagement with HMRC/ HM Treasury, Graham Wilson