Health and Protection

Key responsibilities

  • To exchange views on the provision of healthcare and protection within the sector and elsewhere, to help highlight opportunities for growth and to better understand how these interface with the National Health Service and welfare state;
  • To identify good examples and exchange best practices in health and protection insurance (for example, innovations in technology, underwriting and claims handling, analysing and measuring customer behaviour, promoting high standards of customer service, analysis and pricing of medical risks, collection, treatment and use of data) in order to raise overall sector standards and provide case studies for sector promotion;
  • To map possible changes in the health and protection markets over time and to consider appropriate sector responses to regulators, government departments and to the wider competitive environment as it adapts;
  • To agree to undertake projects as appropriate to fulfilling the other aims of the Committee and in demonstrating the value of the sector, and to agree any AFM funding with the AFM Board;
  • To help support the education and training of other members via member forums and other communications as appropriate, and provide support to other AFM committees;
  • To provide a voice on healthcare and protection on behalf of the sector to appropriate external and internal stakeholders, including through the AFM website and other communication methods;
  • To oversee, on behalf of other ex-members of BHCA, the use of ring-fenced funds and any other remaining business of BHCA, as agreed in the terms of transfer;
  • To report to the Board regularly and to members at least annually, on progress against agreed objectives.

Current members

  • Anthony Burns,  Paycare
  • Steve Dixon, SDA LLP
  • Geoff Guerin, BHSF
  • Paul Hudson, Cirencester Friendly
  • Jonathan Long, National Friendly
  • James Parker,  CS Healthcare
  • Stephen Schofield, PG Mutual 
  • Cara Spinks,  OAC
  • Sue Weir, Medicash (Chair)
  • Martin Shaw,  AFM