Investment and Reporting

Key responsibilities

  • To explore common themes in investment management across the mutual insurance sector;
  • To review and explore good practice in investment management in the mutual sector, and to help disseminate that across members;
  • To support members in adopting good practice in regulatory reporting, via benchmarking and other activities;
  • To develop grounds for lobbying on proportionate and effective reporting standards for smaller insurers;
  • To undertake research and project work as appropriate to support good investment management in mutual organisations;
  • To comment where appropriate on regulatory consultations and other developments in investment management and strategy;
  • To explore other aspects of a mutual’s strategy that relate to its investment strategy, such as financial and investment risk management, and audit of investment assets;
  • To help support the education and training of other members, via member forums and other communications as appropriate, and by support to other AFM committees;
  • To provide a voice for ethical and effective investment management across the mutual insurance sector;
  • To report to the Board regularly, and to members at least annually, on progress.

Current members

  • Kathy Burke, Metfriendly
  • Jacqueline Crawley, LGT Vestra
  • Rachel Hardy, Foresters Friendly Society
  • Jane Nelson, The Oddfellows (Chair)
  • Chris Pine, Axa Investment Managers
  • Phil Smith, SDA LLP
  • Philip Staunton, OAC
  • Clara Yan, Schroder Investment Management
  • Martin Shaw, AFM