This new forum will meet regularly to discuss key and emerging issues.  The latest meeting was on 14 July 2017, at the offices of Schroder in London.  In opening the Forum, Lee Schopp, FS of British Friendly and members of the AFM Development and Conference Committee set out basis by which the FOrum is intended to help Finance Managers 'Exceed Expectation': read the opening remarks here.

The agenda and slides for the Forum are provided below:

morning session afternoon session

Introductory Remarks, Lee Schopp, British Friendly 

Lessons learnt from Solvency 2, Graeme Charters, OAC

Economic and Investment Outlook, Azad Zangana, Schroder Investment Management 

Accounting update: 2017 and beyond, Ray Tidbury and Paul Bennett, Mazars

Data Analytics, Steve Dixon, SDA LLP and Duncan Cleat, Clearwater Analytics

General Q&A and closing remarks


A CFO network was held on 29 June 2016, at the offices of Moore Stephens in London.  Slides from the event are available to download:


Previously, the network met was on 22 October 2015 at the London offices of Rathbones.  

Slides from the event can be downloaded here.

The presentations covered:

  • Investing in a low interest environment, Noelle Cazalis, Rathbones
  • Moore Stephens Solvency II engine: demonstration of calculation and reporting tool for Pillars 1-3, Omar Ripon, Moore Stephens and Bo Orskov Koldenberg, Asseco
  • Solvency 2: accounting changes in UK GAAP and iFRS, Ray Tidbury and Paul Bennett, Mazars
  • ORSA: practical experiences and regulatory feedback, Mick Campbell, Deloitte         
  • Working together to solve governance and operational challenges, Peter Bernie, Charles Taylor
  • AFM update, Martin Shaw, AFM


Prior to that, the netowrk met on 29 April 2015, hosted by Royal London Asset Management.  Slides from the event can be viewed here:


The previous meeting of the network was on 16 May 2014 at the offices of Barnett Waddingham in London.  Slides from the event are available to view:


Previosuly, the CFO network met on 13 September 2013 in London, and included presentations as follows:

·      Asset allocation- lesson from America, Gareth Haslip, JP Morgan

·      New accounting principles- impact on mutuals, Andrea Pryde, IASB

·      Conduct regulation, David Morey and Phil Watson, PWC (slides sent to attendees)

·      Mutuals’ Redeemable Shares Bill, Peter Hunt, Mutuo

·      Update on AFM activity, Martin Shaw, AFM


Previous meetings:

22 Feburary 2013 at the offices of Barnett Waddingham in London, and included the following items (click a link to see the slides):

·      Update on UK GAAP and iFRS,

·      Capital Requirements and with-profits funds,

·      Sustainable business models under Solvency II,

·      Risk versus Return under Solvency II

·      New investment opportunities: how insurers can fill the bank financing gap

·      Traded Endowment Policies

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