In January 2017, members of the British Health Care Society became members of AFM, extending the number of health insurers in our membership.  Our members help millions of people to fund health care, and in a time when public finances are under pressure, play a vital role in complementing the care provided by the NHS.

AFM’s work on healthcare includes sharing good practice, regular meetings of our Health Committee (new for 2017), and demonstrating the benefits of healthcare provided by our members, through research and by representing our members with regulators and policymakers, and in talking to the media.

Mutual insurers, friendly societies and not-for-profit insurers have a long history in helping people take responsibility for their healthcare.  Before the National Health Service was established, most working people relied on their local society to help them in times of ill-health or old age.

Today, the sector continues to provide vital support to people, and to work alongside the NHS.  And whilst the NHS provides free healthcare for UK citizens, you may have to join a waiting list for treatment, or pay extra for some aspects of keeping healthy yourself.  It need not be expensive to buy health insurance, and many employers also offer some form of health cover.

There are generally two types of health insurance products provided by members of AFM:

  • Private medical insurance gives you access to private diagnosis and treatment should you fall ill or be injured; it covers planned, not emergency, treatment.
  • Health cash plans are designed to help you claim money back towards some of you and your family's everyday healthcare expenses