September 2012

Mutuals' Forum 2012


2012 has been an exciting year for the mutual sector which continues to exhibit resilience in challenging economic circumstances.  The deal between Lloyds and the Co-operative Bank offers an exciting glimpse of the future of the sector.  Moreover, the continued flow of customers from the plc banks to mutual financial businesses shows a genuine demand for businessesthat put the customer first.  Over in the public sector, real challenges remainaround implementing co-operative and mutual solutions and the government must listen to experts on the ground – and from within the existing sector - in order to help build successful publicsector mutuals – such as we have seen this year at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

With all of this in mind, the Mutuals Forum, now in its fifth year, offers a useful opportunityto take stock and topull together all the constituent parts of the mutual world for a day of debate, discussion and networking.  We will again be hearing from prominent speakers from both inside and outside thesector including from the government and the opposition on what they intend to do to take the mutuals’ agenda forward.

Withchallenges around restoring our economy to growth continuing, it’s vital that mutuals and co-operatives truly consider what a revived, dynamic and forward-looking mutual sector can do to contribute fully to the serious task of getting Britain back on its economic feet.  What does mutuality have to say to the wider corporate world about business that is both successful and profit-making but which is also rooted in benefiting its members and wider society?And what lessons can we learn from abroad where large mutual and co-operative enterprises – from Navy Federal Credit Union to Rabobank- are offering a real challenge to their plc counterparts?

For a chance to debate these issues, and more besides, please come along to this year’s forum.The 2012 Mutuals’ Forum will take place on 22 November 2012 at King’s Place, York Way, London.

The 2012 Mutuals Forum is in its fifth year and is once again produced by Mutuo, the advocacy organisation for mutual businesses. To find out more, or to attend, please visit


Confirmed speakers include:

Peter Marks, Group chief Executive, The Co-operative Group

Prof. Peter Marsh, Mutuals Taskforce

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