November 2010

Saving Squad - the new way to learn about money matters

On 1 November we formally launched our new educational website, Saving Squad follows on from the success of, designed for the youngest school children, and is targeted at children aged between 7 and 11.

Both sites have been accredited by pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group), and they are part of a very small number of website dedicated to helping young children that have received the Quality Mark: see Little wonder then that pfeg and teachers have been so enthusiastic about the support of AFM and its members to financial capability. Pfeg Chief Executive, Wendy van den Hende commented:

"PFEG is delighted to endorse Saving Squad through the pfeg Quality Mark accreditation system. We believe that teachers and pupils around the country will benefit from this exciting and highly relevant resource.”  

The new site continues to focus on helping young children learn about money and the value of saving, and extends the concept to include using a bank account, making savings in the home, and contributing to environmental saving.  As before the site was developed by our partner D2 Digital, to ensure it meets the needs of the curriculum, and can be used effectively not just by children, but also their teachers as well as parents and guardians.

As part of the launch of the Saving Squad, the Mail on Sunday sent a journalist up to a school in Bolton, to witness the website being used in the classroom.  The full report can be found at: Click here

The Mail on Sunday articles links the launch of the new site to the announcements by the Financial Secretary, Mark Hoban, regarding the Junior ISA.  So the connection between education and encouraging people to take control of their finances is well-established. 

Indeed these sites are a vital part of the sector’s commitment to improving access to financial services.  Many AFM members demonstrate this commitment by providing information and tools for customers on their website, and by going into schools to help support teachers and conduct lessons in financial education.  And during the money guidance pathfinder, which is now in the process of being rolled out nationally by the Consumer Finance Education Body, of only three financial services firms that supported the work, two were friendly societies and the third a credit union. 

You can go to either of the sites by clicking on the images below.

saving squad         fun to save

The AFM Communications Committee has developing a full marketing plan to raise awareness of fun to save and to launch the new site.  This has been sent to all AFM members- any members who would like to participate in this should contact .

The AFM press release is on our website: Click here  

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