NED Candidates CVs

The following people have expressed interest in working with AFM members, very often in a NED role.  Their CVs are provided (you will need to be registered and signed in to view them).  Note that inclusion in the list of candidates should not infer that AFM has undertaken any pre-vetting, or endorses their suitability.

Kevin Dobson

Kevin Dobson, MBA, ACIS - former Director of Royal Liver Assurance and Royal London Mutual Insurance Societies - Experienced Executive Director from the Mutual Life Sectors of both UK and the Republic of Ireland wishing now to play a NED role so as to continue to contribute to the Mutual Movement.

Rob Edwards

Rob is an experienced Board level Financial Services professional, having operated as both an Exective Director, and Non-Executive Director, and he has worked exclusively in Financial Services for nearly 40 years.

Rob currently holds one Non-Executive position (since July 2014) with Kingston Unity Friendly Society (KU), and now Chairs KU’s Investment Sub Committee, serves on the Audit Risk Sub Committee, and currently Chairs a Working Party to review systems strategy and potential migration to new Operating Platform.  He is now semi-retired and seeks a further NED position.

Up until Sept 2013, Rob was permanently employed by Family Investments (FI), for 25 years.  At that time FI had around 2m members, and employed circa 400 people. Rob held positions as a Company Director for over 15 years, including over 12 years as Chief Operating Officer (COO), with responsibility for all key operational functions, including Marketing, Finance, IT and Customer Services. Rob also playeda critical role on FI’s Corporate Risk Management Steering Group, chaired the Disaster Recovery Steering Group, and worked very closely with the Risk Audit Committee.   Rob also chaired the COO Network of the Association of Financial Mutuals (AFM) for three years.

Rob’s broad experience at FI provided him with a strong understanding of good Corporate Governance, and operational and financial risk management, and he has much experience of dealing with Regulators (in past FSA), and has a good working knowledge of Solvency II, ORSA, ICA, FCR, RMP and TCF.

Rob was heavily involved in strategy formulation, evaluation, and implementation, leading many significant business and operational changes, is used to evaluating business cases to form sound commercial judgements, and is used to designing, reviewing and monitoring financial models, for both the existing business and radically new initiatives.  He believes this enables him to adapt relatively easily to understanding different models.

Rob set up his private limited company, “RCE Transformations Ltd” in Jan 2014 to provide business programme/ change consultancy services to the Financial Services industry.  He completed his first and only contract in July 2014, working with a computer software company to establish a change programme for a mutual life company to migrate their systems to a new operating platform.   Rob is not actively seeking further assignments at the moment.

Rob is a strong advocate of mutuality, with a strong customer and partner ethos.  In semi-retirement, he is still keen to use his experience to support in any way he can a Society that shares his values, and operates always with the best interests of its members at heart.   That is why he was attracted to working with Kingston Unity, and to date has very much enjoyed the experience. 

Michael Faber

A Governance, Risk and Resilience strategist working primarily in the finance sector, with very traditional values obtained from early experiences in retail banking.  While more recently employed in Investment Banking and Asset Management, the associated firms have maintained these old values and ethics focusing on true customer service.

Michael is an individual recognized for his integrity and an ability to see clearly to the heart of the matter, while maintaining a high level of energy and an infectious enthusiasm.  He also maintains a clear head when dealing with a Crisis, having managed the recovery of a Bank after the direct effects from the City of London terrorist bombings in 1992 and 1993.

Chairman of the BSI committee responsible for the development of the first British Standard in Governance. Also a current Director and former Vice Chairman of the Institute of Operational Risk.

Mike Fairbairn

I commenced employment with the Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) in 1975 at a time when it was a major force in UK life assurance and savings as well as general insurance. I held a variety of life and pensions roles at CIS following my qualification as an Actuary in 1978 through to my promotion to the CIS Executive in 1997 as General Manager & Actuary (Life). In 2000 I assumed responsibility for CIS‘ risk and regulatory compliance functions and continued in that role when CFS was created in 2002 through the merger of CIS and The Co-operative Bank. In 2006 I was appointed to the CFS Executive as Compliance Director, having overall responsibility for regulatory compliance, financial crime, internal audit and legal services. In 2009, on the merger with Britannia Building Society (BBS), I was appointed as CFS ‘Director of Risk, holding this position until my successor assumed the role three months before my retirement in June 2012. In that final period, whilst assisting with the handover of role, I also assumed the position of Managing Director, Life & Savings. I am interested in NED roles as well as membership of with-profit committees and pension scheme trusteeship.

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Dean Fathers

Dean has held a portfolio of roles since 1995 managing numerous commercial private sector, NHS, academic and voluntary sector appointments simultaneously throughout this period. He is currently unique in the NHS, being the Chair of two none related NHS provider organisations. Despite the challenges on his time that this brings Dean maintains strong commercial connections and an enquiring mind ensuring he is continuously learning and therefore able to bring innovation and improvement to the organisations and the Directors he is supporting. This extensive experience has enabled Dean to develop capability that is valuable to both commercial private and public sector organisations. 

Ken Foreman

Since retiring from Standard life Investments in August 2004, I have set up an investment consultancy business to provide services to a limited number of clients. I offer a variety of tailored services to potential clients using both my experience of the investment markets and the investment business over the past 30 plus years and/or my actuarial skills.

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Tim Franklin

A very experienced, highly articulate leader with a proven track record of outstanding achievement across retail financial services as a main board director in the banking and building society sectors. Recent experience in executive and non-executive roles, including Chairman. Now seeking a portfolio career in the financial services and wider services sectors. Key areas of experience include mergers and acquisitions, major systems implementations, culture and business change, operations, risk management and marketing.

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Phil Garlick

I am an experienced customer service and operations director who has created from scratch award winning multi channel service propositions, and also transformed the heritage service culture, processes and customer offerings across a number of companies within the mutual financial services sector.

Passionate about the customer, and a strong believer that great service is delivered by well trained and highly motivated people, I am now looking for opportunities to help transform and modernise service operations and the underlying cultures, either on a permanent or contractual/interim basis.

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Bruno Geiringer

I'm looking to use my skills, knowledge and experience as a non-executive, particularly in with-profits, in another NED role on the board or on another WPC or IGC with a friendly society or mutual insurer.

As an experienced non-executive, I can provide guidance and support to an executive team involved in strategic planning, product development, distribution, governance, regulation, reinsurance, with-profits funds and corporate transactions (acquisitions and disposals, Part VII transfers, transfers of engagements and corporate restructuring and integration), compliance and risk.

I have 25 years direct experience in the life industry, including as main board executive of a well-known UK Life insurer, and have participated in many board sub-committees whilst working at three major Life insurance groups and a national Bank. I have NED experience in my current role with Prudential Assurance.  I have also advised a wide range of insurers during my professional career and have a deep knowledge about how corporate actions are actually done. 

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