NED Candidates CVs

The following people have expressed interest in working with AFM members, very often in a NED role.  Their CVs are provided (you will need to be registered and signed in to view them).  Note that inclusion in the list of candidates should not infer that AFM has undertaken any pre-vetting, or endorses their suitability.

Gerald Gregory

Commercial and customer-centric approach with outstanding record of profit and growth management based on excellent leadership skills underpinned by extensive experience in strategy development and implementation, treasury and structured finance operations, marketing and sales.

Ian Grimsell

A marketing and business development director with considerable product development expertise and many years experience in the friendly society sector, now working as a marketing, strategy and project management consultant. A commercially orientated, strategic thinker with excellent communication skills who is used to operating at Board level.

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Mike Hayes

A highly committed Insurance Company Director and Union Official with over 30 years experience in both the public and mutual sectors. I have a proven track record as a team player, involved in the turn round and development of a mutual insurance  business, and the successful management of the financial resources of one of the country’s largest trade unions.

Graham Henderson

Versatile senior finance professional with a strong track record in governance and business transformation.  Seeking non executive or advisory roles relevant to skills, experience and domain knowledge.

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David J Illingworth

Responsible for a team of circa 50 people based in Bingley West Yorkshire, New Barnet and Jacksonville Florida, with a budget of circa $10m, I managed the implementation workstream of a total mortgage origination and servicing solution for Alltel Mortgage Solutions - a subsidiary of the ALLTEL Corporation.

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Sue Lewis

I have a deep knowledge of financial services policy and regulation, gained from working as a senior Treasury official and now as Chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel. At the Treasury, among other things, I led the development of legislation to reform and modernise the financial mutuals sector. My broader ‘portfolio’ includes trusteeships and advisory roles. As a member of the European Commission’s Financial Services User Group, I also have an insight into the workings of Brussels.

Mike Lusby


A senior sales and marketing professional with a successful track record in developing and implementing corporate strategies within the financial services sector.  A valuable asset to an organisation that wants a creative input and the energy to get an idea off the ground.  Possesses extensive knowledge of the financial services market.   

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Mike McDermott

An energetic hands on, multi-faceted director providing advice in the specialist  Governance, Compliance and Risk (GRC) sector for financial services firms, principally in the mutual sector. Broad managerial experience at Board and CEO level, with a strong customer focus.

A versatile business adviser and mentor, accredited with IBD, providing guidance and support for individuals seeking personal development, including new business start-ups.

A strong leader with man-management and motivational skills capable of communicating and negotiating at all levels.

Barry Meeks

Barry Meeks has been involved with the mutual sector since 1979 and between 2004 and 2006 was Managing Director of Mutual One a joint venture of eight mutual organisations specialising in the provision of internal audit, compliance and aggregation services to building societies, friendly societies and co-operatives.

Stephen Moncrief

I am a personable commercially focused actuary with extensive senior management experience within financial services, principally life assurance. I have been actively involved with several friendly societies and I am currently on a with-profits committee.  I believe I have excellent judgement and I am efficient, committed and I can pick up key issues quickly and add value to any organisation. I am looking to secure additional roles on Board committees or as a NED which I hope will complement my own business as an actuarial consultant and contractor.