NED Candidates CVs

The following people have expressed interest in working with AFM members, very often in a NED role.  Their CVs are provided.  Note that inclusion in the list of candidates should not infer that AFM has undertaken any pre-vetting, or endorses their suitability.

Mike Walmsley

I am an experienced Board Director having held/hold both Executive and Non-Executive Board positions on a number of Companies, both plc and private. They include the Financial Services Sector with aplc Company regulated by the FSA.

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David Williams

My company has been one of the main providers of compliance services to friendly societies for the last 14 years. I was deeply involved in the FSA consultation process which led to the formation of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants. I now wish to move back from day to day compliance consultancy to use the experience I have gained at board level.

Neil Young

An accomplished senior business development leader and manager, with a proven record of achievement across Financial Services relating to customer service, business development and employer engagement, delivering a superior level of service that meets expectations and measurably boosts growth and profitability.

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