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01 July 2010

Fun to save, AFM's website for young children achieves pfeg Quality Mark

Fun to save, the website developed by the Association of Financial Mutuals has been formally accredited by pfeg- the government body responsible for helping schools plan and teach financial capability.

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The pfeg Quality Mark demonstrates that the website, is an effective tool for helping young children learn about money matters.

In confirming that the website had attained its quality mark, pfeg stated:

“This all works very well and is an excellent resource for KS1 children.  It is brightly coloured, the characters and graphics are interesting and engaging.  Children choose a character from a choice of four and then proceed to the games.  As they play the game, they pick up points when they are successful.  They can choose to save these points or spend them on ‘stuff’ like coloured stickers, printable colouring-in sheets, accessories for their characters or desktop wallpaper.” 

The teachers’ website, TopicBox, is equally enthusiastic about the website:

“Your games are perfect for integration into lessons - simple, fun and not remotely annoying, even over time! This is perfect for our users, who hate any kind of nonsense in their lessons it seems...”

Martin Shaw, CEO of the Association of Financial Mutuals stated:

“We are delighted that fun to save has attained the pfeg Quality Mark.  It shows just how useful a resource the website is for helping children learn about money in a fun way.  We are very encouraged with the great feedback and volume of use of the website, and this autumn plan to launch a new website aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils.”

Members of the Association of Financial Mutuals such as Royal Liver and engage Mutual use the website as part of a co-ordinated approach to financial education.

Royal Liver summarise some of their activities:
We have launched our financial capability projects A Bird’s Eye View! and to Newport Personal & Social Education and Maths co-ordinators during a training event in January. Working alongside the Welsh Financial Education Unit we presented our resources to over thirty teachers.   The resources have also been rolled out across Liverpool since its launch in 2008; they have now bee introduced to 42 per cent of all the Primary schools in Liverpool and our vision is to have reached at least half of all the Primary schools in Liverpool by the end of the year.

Engage Mutual have used fun to save alongside their Sid the Savings Pig to visit schools across Yorkshire, and have worked with local and national media to promote the value of financial education in schools. Their website provides further information about their support for education.

01 March 2010

The Mutual Manifesto

AFM was one of the sponsors of  the Mutual Manifesto, which challenged all political parties to show they understand the mutual sector and proposed ways in which the  government can better enable mutuals to compete more equally with shareholder-owned companies and protect the public interest.  It was launched in early 2010, but the recommendations still hold true. Click here to download the Manifesto.