Mutually Yours, June 2019

Included in this month’s edition:

  • And we’re off! The race is on to register for this year’s Conference & AGM
  • Mutuals contribute £133.5bn annually to the UK economy
  • Income Protection claims paid are at a record level, but paying claims isn’t enough
  • Sustainable Investing Question – is my fund doing harm or good?
  • AFM welcomes its 50th Member: Education Mutual
  • Credit Unions – mutually owned, cooperatively run
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Mutually Yours, December 2018

Included in this month’s edition:

  • Communication from the AFM C-Suite
  • An overview of new developments from AFM
  • Our newest Associate Member
  • News from our Members
  • Events and Training
  • Colleague loyalty – there is a silver bullet!
  • Situation semi-vacant?

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Mutually Yours, August 2018

In this edition:

  • Communication from the AFM C-Suite
  • AFM Annual Conference is fast approaching!
  • Five reasons why the time is right for Customer Centric Marketing
  • Latest AFM Member statistics
  • AFM’s new Associate Members
  • News from our Members
  • Events and training
  • And the winner is…
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Mutually Yours, June 2018

This edition includes items on:

  • AFM in Westminster
  • The new face of AFM
  • How much do you know about AFM and its members: take the test
  • Mental Health is everyone’s business
  • AFM’s latest Associate member
  • Member News
  • Events and training
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Mutually Yours- April 2018

The newsletter contains a range of articles, including:

  • 94% of claims paid by AFM’s income protection providers
  • In memory of Jonathan Burton of Health Shield Friendly Society
  • Reporting season
  • In conversation with the Chair of The Military Mutual
  • Mutuals working together
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Mutually Yours, December 2017

This edition features:

  • 2017 in perspective
  • Changing Corporate Governance Expectations
  • Member Updates
  • Newest AFM Associate Member
  • Taking Control of Your Data
  • Events and Training
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Mutually Yours, October 2017

This edition includes:

  • a full summary of AFM’s 2017 conference;
  • AFM Board directors 2017-18; member news;
  • news of three new Associates; and
  • details of forthcoming events.
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