Key responsibilities

  • To develop an AFM strategy and future priorities, and presenting to the Members for approval;
  • To produce and approve an annual business plan and budget;
  • To review AFM activity management against its core activities and workplan;
  • To promote the benefits of a mutual sector, through public affairs lobbying and wider stakeholders;
  • To ensure effective communications with members and more widely;
  • To maintain a process for maintaining a process for annual (re)election of Directors;
  • To give support to other Committees as appropriate;
  • To provide support for and performance management of the secretariat.

Current members

  • Bob Andrews – Benenden Health
  • Marc Bicknell – Railway Enginemen’s Assurance Society
  • Peter Green – Healthy Investment
  • Chris Kenny – MDDUS
  • Socrates Mhlanga – The Exeter
  • Andy Morris – Cirencester Friendly
  • Teddy Nyahasha – OneFamily
  • Ann-Marie O’Dea – Shepherds Friendly
  • Ben Pears – The Oddfellows
  • Russ Piper – Sovereign Health Care
  • Sophia Reed – Activities Industry Mutual
  • Stuart Tragheim – Holloway Friendly Society (Chair)

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