Championing The Mutual Stance

We are a professional, trustworthy, authoritative trade body, committed to protecting and progressing the principles of mutuality.  We endeavour to promote a better understanding of mutuals, encouraging mutual support and mutual approaches to business and public policy.

Our Mission Statement

We promote the concept of mutuality by helping our members identify with, remain committed to and contribute significantly to mutuality, through the promotion of best practice and a commitment to working together and in the interest of members, customers and other stakeholders.

AFM promotes best practice in

  • Effective Board Governance
  • Product development and governance
  • Transparency
  • Systems and processes
  • Like-minded companies working together

Why do we do it?

  • Promote confidence in Mutual and Not for Profit sector
  • Support the aims of regulators
  • Raise standards creating a compelling alternative to the PLCs
  • Support the growth of companies who give value for money and useable products/services

Who benefits?

  • Customers
  • AFM member organisations
  • The public and society in general

Our purpose

To advocate the values of mutuality and through this, promote the expansion of the sector.

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