Mutual insurers, friendly societies and building societies – they are all owned by you!

Most are long-established and some of the very oldest mutuals have over 100 years’ experience and a strong, proud heritage of providing members with the savings plans, mortgages and insurance they need.

These days, the mutual sector is very diverse and includes:

  • Housing associations
  • Clubs
  • Credit unions
  • Employee owned bodies
  • Specialist bodies: such as football supporter trusts and community mutuals

There are also lots of new mutuals in the public sector such as:

  • NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Leisure Trusts
  • Co-operative Schools
  • Community Housing Schemes

The mutual philosophy is built on a sense of ownership, ‘belonging to an organisation’ and trust. As mutuals are owned by you, their customers (members) and have no obligation to shareholders they are free to focus entirely upon their customers’ needs.

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