Key responsibilities of the AFM Taxation Committee

  • To keep abreast of relevant taxation issues and monitor developments;
  • To analyse the effect of changes and proposed changes in relevant taxation issues, from the perspective of Financial Mutual companies;
  • To alert, advise and promulgate relevant taxation information;
  • To lobby on taxation issues, in particular holding regular meetings with HMRC;
  • To deliver an annual training event;
  • To consider any other taxation related matters which the Committee believes it appropriate to consider, or on request of the Board.

Current members

  • Sarah Burke, Royal London
  • Helen Chamberlain, Benenden Health
  • Elaine Fairless, Compass Friendly Society (Chair)
  • Bryan Flint, Deloitte
  • Jon Garrett, Grant Thornton
  • Philip Geddes, LV=
  • Gordon Gray, KPMG
  • Daniel Healy, Scottish Friendly
  • Philip Lewis
  • Kim Longworth, The Oddfellows
  • Elizabeth Armstrong, EY
  • Neil Rolfe, Mazars
  • Margaret Swiderska, MDDUS
  • Michael Trigg, PWC
  • Paul Watson, Morrison Govan
  • Michael Whiteside, BDO
  • David Jordorson, ABI
  • Andrew Whyte, AFM

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