Key responsibilities and current members

Key responsibilities

The purpose of this new Committee is “To explore how the sector increases its appeal to a range of stakeholders, through a clear and compelling proposition, that clearly differentiates, and describes the benefits of, the sector”.

Amongst its key responsibilities are:

  • Commissioning consumer research as necessary, within a delegated budget, and reviewing other research
  • Setting up and overseeing sector development projects, with any funding agreed by the AFM Board
  • Exploring and developing possible solutions for sector growth
  • Maintaining an effective PR plan and monitoring progress against it
  • Understanding the proposition developed across the sector, and reviewing collectively how it delivers good outcomes for customers and other stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining the AFM Charter and the marketing toolkit and their associated campaigns
  • Providing an overview of product roundtables, and working with them to enhance the strategy
  • Sharing examples of good practice, within and outside the sector, and being aware of competitive actions from non-mutuals
  • Working in an inclusive manner, to ensure the sector proposition and strategy does not exclude anyone

Current members

Martin Bellingham, Metfriendly

Elizabeth Boardall, Healthy Investment

Max Jarrold, Shepherds Friendly

Samantha Preece, LV=

Sarah Reynolds, Foresters Financial

Andy Rowson, Holloway Friendly

Stephen Schofield, PG Mutual

Saul Sherry, OneFamily

Nathan Wallis, Wesleyan

Dawn Webb, Sheffield Mutual (Chair)

Andy Wiggans, Benenden Healthcare

Andrew Whyte, AFM


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