Key responsibilities and current members

Key responsibilities

The purpose of this new Committee is “To explore how the sector increases its appeal to a range of stakeholders, through a clear and compelling proposition, that clearly differentiates, and describes the benefits of, the sector”.

Amongst its key responsibilities are:

  • Commissioning consumer research as necessary, within a delegated budget, and reviewing other research
  • Setting up and overseeing sector development projects, with any funding agreed by the AFM Board
  • Exploring and developing possible solutions for sector growth
  • Maintaining an effective PR plan and monitoring progress against it
  • Understanding the proposition developed across the sector, and reviewing collectively how it delivers good outcomes for customers and other stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining the AFM Charter and the marketing toolkit and their associated campaigns
  • Providing an overview of product roundtables, and working with them to enhance the strategy
  • Sharing examples of good practice, within and outside the sector, and being aware of competitive actions from non-mutuals
  • Working in an inclusive manner, to ensure the sector proposition and strategy does not exclude anyone

Current members

Martin Bellingham, Metfriendly

Elizabeth Boardall, Healthy Investment

Neil McCallum, Benenden Healthcare

Ann-Marie O’Dea, Shepherds Friendly

Samantha Preece, LV=

Andy Rowson, Holloway Friendly

Stephen Schofield, PG Mutual

Saul Sherry, OneFamily

Dawn Webb, Sheffield Mutual (Chair)

Martin Shaw, AFM

Andrew Whyte, AFM


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