Key responsibilities and current members

Key responsibilities

The purpose of this new Committee is to predict and understand the future shape of regulation and government policy including its consequences for members of AFM, and to provide a credible response to those and our own proactive agenda.

Amongst its key responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining effective and productive engagement with parliamentarians, Treasury, and other government departments
  • Providing effective oversight of the future of regulation, post-Brexit, including the future of Solvency 2
  • Ensuring that regulators take account of proportionality, as well as corporate diversity and consumer choice
  • Supporting the sector in their work in managing the financial risks of climate change
  • Maintaining the AFM Corporate Governance Code
  • Reviewing approaches and the effectiveness of financial and regulatory reporting
  • Providing oversight of the sub-Committees, on regulatory compliance and tax
  • Set out our approach to ESG, including climate change, as a differentiator for the sector
  • Explore how we can maintain an effective market for external suppliers to the sector (eg audit, legal and actuarial)
  • Developing and monitoring key measures on the progress of the Committee

Current members

Nici Audhlam-Gardiner, Foresters Financial

Stella Croot, Benenden

Robert Dagg, Metfriendly

Elaine Fairless, Compass Friendly

John Gilbert, MMG Advisory

Alison Hardie, MDDUS

Philippa Hertz, OneFamily

Jane Nelson, The Oddfellows

Samantha Preece, LV=

Erik Vynckier, Foresters Friendly

Martin Shaw, AFM

Andrew Whyte, AFM

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