Andrew Whyte, Chief Executive

Andrew was appointed Chief Executive of AFM in April 2023.

Andrew works with the AFM Board to determine the strategic direction and priorities of AFM, and directs the work of the Association towards those aims. He has extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and regulation, having served until recently as the Director of Communications at the Financial Conduct Authority.

Earlier in his career he had been Director of Communications at Arts Council England, Defra and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Head of Corporate & Public Relations at the BBC.

Martin Shaw, Head of Policy

Martin took up a part-time role as AFM’s Head of Policy in April 2023, having previously been CEO of AFM since its launch in January 2010.

Earlier in his career, Martin was General Secretary of Association of Friendly Societies, one of the predecessor organisations which merged to form AFM.

Prior to that Martin worked for Association of British Insurers where he was Director, Raising Standards, leading a number of projects designed to improve confidence in the industry. He also worked for the Consumer Protection department of the FSA, working on a range of policy issues and was previously employed by building societies and banks for 15 years, mainly in sales and planning functions.



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