Andy Morris

Cirencester Friendly

I became the CEO at Cirencester Friendly in September 2022 and have been an AFM Board member for the past year, though our Society is proud to have been an active part of the AFM since its foundation. I have been heavily involved with the regulatory interactions of the AFM, including regarding the recent private members bill, the PRA insurance conference and how mutual insurers could benefit from amendments to the law and regulations. I have been promoting climate change activities across the sector, including helping to launch the new practical measures group. As a result, I have a good working knowledge of the AFM, its challenges and have thoughts on how we can continue progress together.

Having worked in mutual societies for over 7 years, I have become a strong advocate for mutuality. I believe that this model for running a financial services organisation offers a genuine alternative for consumers, particularly to the PLC insurers and banks, where I have also worked extensively. It is particularly pertinent to the current social environment emerging from the pandemic and facing the cost of living crisis, to offer a more caring and inclusive vision of business for current and future Members of our collective organisations. I am a firm believer in strong values-based, supportive culture, and I have observed that the AFM has been working hard to engender this approach across our industry. I would also encourage wider participation with like-minded organisations, such as the Building Societies Association that I have been involved with in the past, alongside other insurance bodies that I know the AFM has links with. If I am successful in my application to remain on the AFM Board, I will do my best to foster this collaborative ethos and will look to do so for the long term. The sector has great potential for future growth by serving our Members well, particularly in times of difficulty. Harnessing this potential is why I am delighted to be able to serve as CEO of CFS and why I would cherish the opportunity to help the AFM realise its goals too.

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