The Mutual Diversity Alliance is a group of mutual organisations who are committed to learning about, and to demonstrating, how they support diversity and inclusivity within their organisation. A member-led initiative grounded in the concepts of mutuality and self-help, the purpose of the Alliance is to share and promote learning and innovation, by working together to create common understandings of good practice, as well as common resources for training.

Two core elements of the Alliance are sharing, and transparency: organisations that join the Alliance are expected to work collaboratively to solve problems, learn new ideas and share best practice. To find out more about joining the Alliance, and about options for resources and training, visit the FAQ section below.

Each September, Alliance members commit to reporting on how they meet the expectations of the Alliance. Set out below are some of the reports that have been submitted:


Organisations currently signed up to the Mutual Diversity Alliance

Mutual members

Anglo Saxons Friendly Society
Cirencester Friendly
Education Mutual
Health Shield
Healthy Investment
Holloway Friendly
IPB Insurance
Scottish Friendly
Shepherds Friendly
The Exeter
The Oddfellows
Veterinary Defence Society
Wiltshire Friendly

Supporting organisations

Non-mutual organisations that demonstrate a strong commitment to the principles of the MDA and work closely with the Mutual sector:

LGT Vestra

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