Analysing Solvency and Financial Condition across AFM members in 2021

Analysis of Solvency statements for 2021

The majority of Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (“SFCRs”) for 2021 have now been published.   As we know, the majority of readers of the SFCR for non-listed insurers tends to be other insurers and consultants.  Well, now you don’t need to, as AFM Associate member OAC has produced a summary of various metrics using the publicly available data for AFM members and other firms of a similar nature and size.

The data, using the reported SFCR only, covers 27 insurers where a published SFCR is available. Each insurer’s name is shown alongside the relevant data for that organisation, to aid comparison and contextualise the results.

Amongst the fascinating findings about the financial position of the sector, OAC estimates that the proposals from Treasury to amend the risk margin could release up to £150 million amongst the group.

To read more, follow SFCR Analysis_2021.

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