Isolation inspires creativity amongst our members

Isolation inspires creativity amongst our members

Cirencester Friendly CEO and AFM Board Member, Paul Hudson, shares his poetic musings with his team:


So, now the ‘new norm’ is living and working at home
Once, just a place of solace for our imagination to roam
Petrol powered commute to work, which had us engrossed
Replaced by another fuelled by tea, and hot buttered toast

Gone the smart appearance of tie and crisp shirt
Now stubble, shorts and an un-ironed t-shirt
My, how business dress standards have slipped in ‘new norm’
A paradigm shift from the Coronavirus storm

No longer the lord of all I survey
Now, simply a field with bales of hay
A back room overlooking a Cotswold stone wall
Where tea breaks urge me to count them all

Gone the face to face interactions
Replaced by technological contraptions
Familiar faces pop-up on teams
With regular business and keep in touch themes

So, for now the message is continued isolation
For us and it seems for now, the rest of the Nation
But the time will come when ‘new norm’ is ended
And our life before will return all mended

The End.

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