Mutuality: supporting health and wellbeing in the UK

Mutuality: supporting health and wellbeing in the UK

28 September 2023

A report launched today by AFM Associate member OAC looks at the contribution made by mutuals to supporting health and wellbeing in the UK.

Their analysis concludes that mutuals generate almost £1 billion a saving a year (£956 million in 2022), and that these benefits are shared by the NHS, the Welfare State and employers.  AFM has referenced this sizeable contribution in its reports to HM Treasury’s consultation on Occupational Health incentives, to argue for changes to the tax treatment of Health Cash Plans:

As the introduction to the OAC research states:

“Our report looks at the valuable contribution to public health finances given by the mutual and not-for-profit sector through the provision of health protection policies to employers and individuals. Most of these organisations are long-established with a strong heritage of protecting workers from the impact of ill-health, unemployment or old age.”

To read the report in full, follow this link:


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