Culture in AFM member organisations – Views from the top

July 2017

AFM commissioned Independent Audit to interview Chairs of AFM member companies, to explore the culture of boards and to consider how their culture affects the running of the business and their impact on members/ customers/ staff.  The report can be read here.

Board and CEO Succession Trends in UK Mutuals, 2017

March 2017

An interesting new report from the Norman Broadbent company, which specialises in board searches, looks at trends in CEO succession and Board refreshment.

The report states that “CEO tenure at member-owned businesses was, on average, 29% longer than at non-mutual financial services firms”.  It also saw improvements in the gender diversity of boards, and noted that a CEO was twice as likely to be female in an AFM member than amongst other mutuals- though amongst NEDs the rate is lower.

You can download the full report here.

Mutuals in Europe is the title of a new leaflet produced by European trade bodies AMICE and AIM, to raise awareness about mutuality.  It is based on the 2012 study by the European Commission on the current situation and prospects of mutuals in Europe. The leaflet summarises the findings of the report in a very brief format in order to encourage readers to learn more about the situation of mutuals in Europe.

You are welcome to download and use the leaflet internally or with a wider group of stakeholders: Mutuals in Europe.

Flexible ISA leaflet

With the launch of the Flexible ISA, the savings industry has put together a leaflet that firms can use to explain how the new product works: link

Remuneration in the Mutual Sector 2015

The latest version of this report has now been produced.  As well as looking at board pay as published in member report and accounts, the report also takes a forward-looking view on likely pay arrangements in 2016.  You can download the report here.


AFM consumer research report 2015

AFM undertook consumer research in the summer of 2015, to investigate consumer attitudes to mutuals and how these had changed in the last few years.  AFM members are encouraged to use the research finding in their own press work, and a summary of the finding is available to view here.

Collaboration as a source of competitive advantage for UK financial mutuals

AFM, along with the Building Societies Association sponsored research in 2015 by Kellogg College, Oxford into some of the strategic options open to the sector, and in particular to how collaboration and other sources of working together, might help the financial mutuals to develop a new competitive advantage.

The report is available to download here.

(Note that the version published in April 2016 contains some amendments on page 6 relating to competition law compliance.)

UK Market InSights

This report was produced in conjunction with the international mutuals trade body ICMIF, to give an overview of market share of mutuals in the UK, and to explore details behind some of the positive trends of recent years.

The report is available to download here.

A manifesto for financial mutuals

Working with the Building Societies Association, AFM has launched a "Manifesto for Financial Mutuals" calling on the political parties to include support for the mutual sector in their forthcoming election manifestos.

AFM Key Facts

AFM has published a new set of key facts about mutual insurers and friendly societies

APPG report on mutual capital

In September 2014, the All-Party Political Group for Mutuals published a report based on its inquiry into Mutual Capital.  During the inquiry the group heard testimoney from AFM, BSA, PRA and FCA about the nature of capital for mutuals, and the limitations this has on their businesses.  

The report can be downloaded here, and recommends that:

1.    New capital instruments for mutuals should be created

2.    Regulators should have a legal duty to promote corporate diversity

3.    There is a real need for policy makers, regulators and legislators to better understand how customer owned mutuals operate

AFM Corporate Governance Report 2014

AFM operates a self-regulated Corporate Governance Code for Mutual Insurers, and reports each year on standards of compliance within the sector.  The latest report has now been produced.

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