Development and Conference

Key responsibilities

  • To identify training needs amongst AFM members, and to explore solutions;
  • To maintain appropriate monitoring frameworks for all training solutions;
  • To develop and maintain appropriate programmes for leadership development for members;
  • To retain and develop an agenda for the NED conference and Annual Conference;
  • To identify opportunities to work with partners to help support development needs for members, such as other trade body events or distance based learning;
  • To explore opportunities for job exchange programmes between members and Associates and other ways for the sector to work together;
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing amongst members through communication and the development of networks of staff undertaking similar roles across member companies.

Current members

  • Richard Bisiker, BHSF
  • Myles Edwards, Foresters Friendly Society
  • Elaine Fairless, Compass Friendly
  • Sasha Frieze, SDA LLP
  • Peter Green, Healthy Investment (Chair)
  • Jane Nelson, The Oddfellows
  • Ann-Marie O’Dea, Shepherds Friendly Society
  • Ben Pears, Kingston Unity
  • Jo Priestnall, Origos
  • Lee Schopp, British Friendly Society
  • Tamasin Laroque-Fathers, AFM
  • Martin Shaw, AFM