ESG: progress, priorities and reporting


What a year it’s been for ESG!  With so much focus on this area, our final online session of the year assesses progress to date, and prioritises future actions with the help of a range of panellists.  We will also be profiling guidelines for ESG reporting, issued by AFM in early December.

Climate Risk Management


Climate risk management and disclosures – benchmarking of emerging best practice

Inclusive Culture: head, heart and hands


Originally set up as part of our programme of activity for the Mutual Diversity Alliance, this online session will appeal to a wide range of AFM Members interested in developing an inclusive culture within their organisation.

Join us for an hour with DE&I lead at Hanover Leadership Solutions, Brent Herman, and take a pause to think about the role that we can each play in driving an inclusive culture.

Mutuality and ESG Investing


Recently there has been commentary around the concept of linking ESG investing to an investor’s mutual status. However, the incorporation […]

Sales & Marketing Roundtable


This is the first meeting of the new AFM Sales & Marketing Roundtable, which is open to anyone working in […]

Unlocking your total value with the Mutual Value Measurement Framework


One of the greatest challenges for co-operatives and mutuals is to be able to identify and communicate consistently the total value that they create.
The Mutual Value Framework can be used by mutuals across different industries, of different sizes, and with different capabilities.

FCA Authorisations


Join us for a webinar with the FCA Authorisations team who will provide practical guidance on key aspects of the […]

How to Make Numbers Accessible for Everyone


Gain valuable insights into low levels of numeracy across the UK and how Plain Numbers empowers finance and communications professionals with the skills they need to communicate numbers more clearly.

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